Ok so in my short couple of weeks here I have learned a lot. But so has my son's Both of my boys are as excited about hanging as I am. My 5 yr old thinks he wants to have his own hammock. He wants it instead of his bed and thinks that he needs one for camping now to. I would love to get the hole family a flock of Black Birds but don't have the budget for that yet. So Doing some poking around the last few days I came across the "Baby Hammock" at TTTM and on one site I read that it is good for kids up to 12 yrs old but at only 2 or 2.5 feet wide (depending on which site you read) by 5 feet long. this seems like it may be a bit narrow even for a small kid. Also I want to start him out laying the right way on the Diag. So I had seen the post a wile back about TTTM having a few of the new? Compacts available, but I still do not see them listed in their product line. Can anybody give my the specs for the compact? Most of the "singles" from TTTM or ENO seem like they would just swallow up a small kid. "where are you little buddy!?!" So any help on a "Kid" hammock would be a lot of help. I would really love to get them out on the trail with me but the how to get everybody hung is the question of the day.

Thanks for any help.