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My original setup (roughly 3 months ago):
$1.99 Wally World clearance plain weave nylon (almost 3oz/yard but light enough and durable), 4yds, gathered end, tied off with sheet bend using extra webbing (see below): $7.96

15ft x 2 Poly webbing from ratchet straps: $8+getting those **** hooks off

Two walmart 'biners - 300lb rated: $5 total

Tarp: Either 8x10 standard poly tarp or Outdoor Products 5x7: $10

Total price was $30.96 + tax

if you want a bugnet you can pick one up for ~10 or DIY and you can pick up a 30° sleeping bag for around $30.

These two (optional/winter) accessories bring the total to 70.96. Not under 50 but considering how old this thread is its pretty close.
What's the weight of that setup, packed and ready to go?