Hello all -

I have been sleeping in a hennessy hyperlite hammock with zipper mod#2 and a MacCat Deluxe in Spintex on my AT thru hike for 3 months now. I experienced a problem the other night for the first time. I set up on a rainy night and then later a heavy fog / mist came in. The fog was so heavy that it was condensing on one side of my bug netting and then running down inside my hammock. I woke up with a wet bottom. Now I haven't been using the HH head and foot guyouts. To get around this problem I staked out the HH foot guyout and kept my feet to the left. This pulled the hammock material down below the underquilt creating a pocket for the water to go into. Then I would occasionally soak it up.

Has anyone else had this problem? I wasn't sure if it was related to the bug netting modification. I did lower the tarp as much as possible when this stated but it only seemed to slow it slightly.

Thanks for any ideas!
Hiking On - Bill