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That's the kind of stuff we used to get in the Salt Lake Valley. 10*F with water hanging in the air and 5 ft visability! How can water hang in 10* air with out freezing and falling out?
Super cooled water - the temperature of the water keeps dropping, when it gets below freezing, it takes a disturbance to form a nucleus in the water around which the water can freeze.

Here in Maryland, it's known as freezing rain. The temperature of the rain is lowered below freezing as it drops and as soon as it hits a surface, it instantly freezes. Ice on everything, trees, grass, roads, power lines,everything. The power companies are run ragged when it happens with downed power lines. The roads are treacherous, but man the trees are transformed into beautiful crystalline structures. I like to take a hike when we get the freezing rain. The trees are magical. Just be very careful under branches because they can break off and drop at any time, even when you are walking right under them.