Last month it was 2 weeks on the AT, this time I wanted to live out of a kayak for a few days....

4 days/3 nights paddling at LBL
The Warbonnet Warbird (I know its supposed to be Blackbird) is a superior product....this compared to a Backpacker Asym and Lite Racer.
Why? I know I'm preaching to the choir here but for the newbies here goes:
top entry done stress on the zipper, less worry about failure
asym done right with an even more pronounced flat lay
shelf done's functional and 'right' where you'll use it
foot box done almost right....but close enough for you to appreciate only
complaint in the foot box is that the double bottom doesn't go into the
footbox or am I missing something here
straps/triangle thingies (hey what is the real name for the triangles?)..well you can have this setup on other hammocks but it is an improvement over the typical Hennessey setup, why? because your setup/adjustment time is greatly decreased

I remember the first time I crawled out of a HH; smiling from ear to ear, knowing I had evolved-destined to hover over rocks/roots/water/whatever. The feeling has returned and lastly
cost done right....almost $60 less than the Lite Racer replacement HH is offering.
OK there is a weight penalty with the double bottom and the straps/carabiner/triangles but a cuben tarp is going to remedy that.

Nope, no kickback from 'His real name is Brandon'; just a fine product.

In the pic you'll notice a JRB Mt. Washington and you'll figure that this trip was over the last few days at Land Between the Lakes, and you go hmmmm what was the low was in the 60s--so why a Mt. Washington? I'm a seriously cold sleeper; on top was an Arc Alpinist and I think it is rated to 20F. ...and I wasn't exactly sweating! but kayaking is a wet sport, you end up wet/damp all day. I do sleep a bit warmer when hiking.