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    first hike in a long time, and first night in a hammock..

    This will be very short since I had written a small novell and closed the tab by accident...

    I just did my first hike since I was in the army 15 years ago. I'm out of shape, fat and without routine...

    I had a 20 kilo load on my back and hiked 10 + 7 kilometers crossing 2 ridges the first day and 1 going back the 2nd day..

    Had some problems with the sleeping pad, think that a underquilt would be better... The pad changed the shaped of the hammock and made it a bit uncomfortable.

    Photos : to the gallery or the the hike pictures
    Google earth tracks :

    Darn these tabs... I feel like a idiot, had written a very long and nice story about all this..

    Any questions? please ask and I will answer..
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