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Great report! I have always wanted to hike some on the Pinhoti, now I really want to get out and hike it!!
I mentioned to someone a while back that the Pinhoti is probably the closest thing going to the trail that Earl Schaeffer hiked back in 1948.

It is NOT the wilderness type trail you'll find on the Benton MacKaye Trail. It DOES have some AT-style shelters (though not nearly as many as the AT). It is much easier walking than the straight up and down of many sections of the current AT, and still takes you on road walks in places where you really get to absorb the culture of the region.

It seems a lot like what Schaeffer experienced in Pennsylania before the AT was banished to high rocky ridgelines, at least from his accounts in Walking With Spring.

And it is NOT crowded. In the six days I've spent on the Pinhoti, I've encountered one other hiker total. That includes the weekend. If you want country charm mixed with some fairly easy climbs to good views and time to splash in lakes, the Pinhoti Trail is the one to explore.