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    Quote Originally Posted by CR0M View Post
    Yeah, I hear that. On this particular camp I was so warm all night I had to open the sleeping bag up at both ends.
    It might rain a lot here in Blighty but it is never really cold enough to warrant anything more than a thermarest under my butt.
    I think what BB was referring to is the SS undercover. It makes you WP underneath, so the only danger of getting wet is blown rain coming through the bugnet. It'd have to blow pretty hard...
    Replace your Thermarest with the SS OCF pad, and tada, you're there.

    The biggest problem the SS does *not* solve is cooking, etc. under the tarp in inclement weather. So far I've been able to work around this by sitting in the opening slit.


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    HH Asym & sym tarps

    I now have a backpacker asym and a Coccoon non-asym tarp in addition to my JRB tarp. I see MacEntyre has used it as an awning.

    I'm not against cutting them up but I don't do a lot of sewing. I would love to use them as end pieces to block the wind on the head end and an awning on the foot end.

    Anyone have photos or a diagram that would do this?
    the first diagram is doesn't hit me on how to do it.
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