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as far as the weight limit for the dbl 1.7, I am 350+ and have no problem using it. have slept in it a couple of nights this week, and have had no noticable sag in the material.
How long have you been using yours? I fall into the same weight range and I am concerned about long-term durability if I get one. I haven't heard one bad word said about any of the Warbonnet gear, but I am concerned that my weight is close enough to the max-load to cause premature wear. $160 is a lot of money for me to shell out if I have to replace the hammock every other year.

Don't get me wrong, the BB is DEFINITELY on my list of gear to acquire once have disposable funds to dispose of, I just want to make sure that I get the right version for me.

If it's needed, does anyone know what it cost to have the extra layer of 1.1 put on?