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    SOLD: Hybrid Hammock w/bug net, OverCover, Webbing Straps/Tri-Glides

    I have a modified Grand Trunk hammock I'm looking to sell. It was to be for my wife, but when presented, she said: "bears crap in the woods, I don't!", or something to that effect.

    Anyway, it's a new Grand Trunk hammock (green) with a black noseeum bug net (a al Speer) and a weather shield (lt. grey ripstop; think Hennessy Hammock overcover, windproof, not waterproof) to match the bug net, with 10' Speer webbing straps, JRB tri-glides, 2 Camp Nano Bieners, an Amsteel Blue ridgeline (left extra long for your personal adjustment - since I just finished the modifications), and Speer drip-stoppers. Hammock has tabs/loops sewn at the mid-point of the body of the hammock for tie-outs, if used, or to locate/grab the hammock/bug net for easier location/entry/egress. The weather shield and bug net have velcro-ed edges, with corresponding tabs like the hammock, to mate with the hammock and are interchangable based on the weather. The full package with either the bug net or the weather shield weighs in at ~24 oz. Sewing is very good, but I'm no tailor; all stress points have been reinforced.

    I've got $125 invested; looking to sell it for $99/OBO, shipping included to CONUS. PayPal preferred, USPS money order accepted. Please PM for questions / purchase.
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