Hey Guys,
Darrel here...
I have been reading with interest many of the posts on this great forum and have found myself drawn to this one manufactures products over the others.
I currently own a Hennessy Expedition and I found it remarkable for changing my perceptions and attitudes towards my sleep system .

I contacted Brandon last night with just a few pre order questions and will soon hopefully have a pair on order.

My wife and I just love getting out on the trail and are very much looking forward to experiencing our BlackBirds in all their "staked Out" glory

This is one of my very first posts on this particular board and it is my pleasure to be here and get a chance to meet
( virtually if not in person) many of the posters here.
This forum is welcoming and unlike a few of the others I have visited lately.
Kudos to the mod team for making this resource a pleasant experience. Kudos to you all for making it fun and educational.