Hey all,

First off, Cheers! and thanks to those whose imput has shaped my hammocking ways, and good luck to those presently either planning or in the first month of their thru.

I am about to order some 1" poly webbing from Ed Speers. I have been planning on modding my EXUL by replacing the spectra with this webbing, cutting the spectra about 8 inches or so from the hammock whipping, tying a bowline to make a loop and stringing about 20 ft of webbing per side. I know some like it shorter for weight reasons, but I'm with those who would prefer flexibility (i think BB uses 25ft per side). Ed's webbing only weighs in at about 5 oz per side (at that length) which is similar to the weight of my tree hugger set up now.
I have basically two questions:

1. Are there any SIGNIFICANT drawbacks to this method? I really don't see any at this point but figured I would ask before I go cutting the spectra.

2. The 1" is rated to 750 lbs tensile strength, while the 1.5" = 1050lbs. Hanging with all gear included I am concerned about the 1" poly since I tend to hang tightly and am aware of the exponential ratio between angle of sag and lbs exerted. Basically I am wondering if the 1" is enough.

Thanks all,