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    Yeah - I thought about that and compared it against the Nunatak as well. I read some Ultra reviews and some said the rating was dead on while others say it's a very optimistic rating (though at least one of these didn't mention anything about head insulation). But even if it's 10F off, that's still 19 oz for a 30F quilt...which rivals everything else out there and completely blows away anything else under $200. Even at 40F it beats most everything at that price point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrokeEnthusiast View Post

    A Few Questions:
    1. Say I pick up the yeti undercover, does all the heat escape thru the mosquito netting? It seems like a lot to pack up, under cover, hammock, top cover, tarp, and sleeping bag. Am I mistaken or would this only be needed for really cold weather (I dont plan to be out under 30F)
    2. What do I need to look for in terms of sleeping bags that will be fine for all seasons? (warm sleeper)
    this is just suggestions that I've come across:
    Cooler/cold weather, I use a weather shield to cover the top of my hammock netting to keep heat inside the hammock. This does work because when I get up in the mornings, it's much colder outside when I unzip the weather shield. I've used this weather shield in temps from about 60f on down to about 28f. At the higher temps, I'd just pull the weather shield about half way over me.
    I got a kick out of your statement that you don't plan to be out under 30f !!! Guess what, the minute you go camping and the weather is forcasted for whatever, IT will CHANGE !!! Always plan for the weather to be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than forcasted. You will sleep much better for it when the weatherman says 35 and then it dips down past 28 (been there, done that)
    About sleeping bags, I don't like them!! You may, I don't. I've made my down quilts, was using quilts in tents way before I started hanging. The quilts work even better in my hammock, although I've had to make an under quilt. I haven't found 1 quilt that will go from the extra hot temps (100degrees) to about 20. So I have 2, summer rated @40, I use this up to about 90 degrees daytime temps (night about 75). Winter rated at 15, had this in the low 20's, only carry this if it's like 35 or below. Both are down and weight 1 lb summer and 2 lb's winter. I've also got 2 underquilts, winter and summer. If the night temps are hotter than 75, I still pack my under quilt but I have it pushed out of the way. That way I can pull it back under me if (when) the weather changes. Even a wind at night or rain can make you feel cooler than it actually is.
    good luck on your search for your gear

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