My son's Scout troop is camping at Devils Lake State Park near Baraboo, WI. It's one of my favorite places we camp at and I never get tired of the 500 ft' quartzite bluffs.

The forecast for tonight is Thunderstorms! So I'll likely be setting up in the rain. My hammock is all set wrapped up in its snakeskin for easy assembly. The suspension ropes are still new with only a few hours of backyard hang time, so I think I'll tie them up a tad higher than I did in the yard to accomdate for further "newness" stretching and sag from the rain.

I'll have my snakeskins cover the tarp prussik knot to protect it from the rain. Do you think I should add a little strip of cloth at each end for a drip line or is that not needed.

Any other tips for setting up in the rain?