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I have yet to acquire some coated (not sheathed) Dyneema/Spectra (like Cortland Plasma or Samson Amsteel Blue) and I'm requesting comments regarding its use with friction hitches. The following are particularly interesting to me.

- Distel
- Michoácan/Martin
- Klemheist
- Prusik
- Blake's
- Adjustable Grip Hitch

Specifically, I'm thinking about attaching the hammock to a SLS by friction hitches, using closed loops of the same cordage (if a hitch slips, it just means more sag, not complete release from the SLS). I'm also considering the use of a friction hitch (like the Adjustable Grip Hitch) on the SLS to tie back to itself from the tree slings/huggers.

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It is typically recommended that where rope-meets-rope that the slipping rope be smaller than the standing rope, by a factor of 50%.
I suspect that recommendation is primarily related to the relative stiffness of the rope (i.e., rope which is too stiff to easily bend to a 1:1 radius). In any case, I've been experimenting with these hitches on some old nylon braid and they hold well (though perhaps not as well if the rope were new).

Incidentally, I don't see the benefit of Vectran for hammocks. As I understand it, it's primarily for applications which demand zero creep, and Dyneema/Spectra remains superior in strength:weight, UV resistance, and cost (though it has a very low melting point). Of course, I do understand curiosity in exotic materials. Thanks for your comments (and your videos) Grizz!

I find the following links on knots and hitches to be quite useful.