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    GG pad and underquilt

    Has anyone tried to use a Gossermer Gear ultralite outside of the hammock with a JRB Nest? I used the pad the other night inside my hammock with the Nest and it kept me warm (low 30's) but had some moisture build up on the pad.

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    I don't know how well the GG pad would conform to the outside of the hammock. May create a lot of air gaps.

    I have had the same moisture problem with the GG pad; moisture pooling a little at the lowest point of the pad, usually the small of my back. I had thought about making a cover for my GG pad out of some sort of wicking material.

    I have also completely removed the pad and still been plenty warm without it. If you are a warm sleeper you should be able to do low 30's with the nest alone, adding clothing if you get cold.
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    Just as a side note here (I think I'm in the minority on this), I've been warmer without a pad (inside the hammock) than with one. When using a UQ too, of course. My theory (not tested at all yet) is that, since the pad changes the geometry of the you-hammock system, it creates air gaps that weren't there before. Both between the UQ and the hammock AND between you and the pad. A thinner, more flexible pad would be an improvement - this was a 3/8" Walmart blue pad. A good system for putting the pad under the hammock would help too, although I'm not convinced that such a thing exists for CCF.
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