Hello all. I’ve been lurking around the forums for some time now, but this is my first thread.

I have an ENO Singlenest that I mostly use for day hikes and the backyard, however I’m going on an overnight in a week and I need to use it for sleeping. When I sleep in my bag, I experience intense “hot spots” on my heels. I’ve tried 1 and 2 pairs of socks, but only my house slippers seem to alleviate my pain. I don’t really want to throw those in my pack so here are my questions.

Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do to remedy this problem?

I think I might have the foot-end a little too high, but I can’t be sure as 1, I’m a Noob, and 2, the “trees” I’m attaching too are only 6 ˝ feet high, so I have little room for adjustment unless I want to hit the ground. (I have a pool in my backyard so I am using the posts for my awning spaced about 12’ apart. I have no trees.) Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You