So I've gone hanging the last 2 weekends(Just in campgrounds nothing too dedicated) And both times were amusing.

2 weekends ago, I took my sister and my boyfriend camping with me, I made them both try hammocking, the trouble was that we didn't have enough underquilts and neither of them really liked the foamy idea so we decided to bring 2 extra hammocks and 2 extra sleeping bags for them, the only trouble was we forgot 1 sleeping bag, so my boyfriend decided that he would be okay with just 1, so I laced him up in his hammock before we went to bed the first night(Didn't work) PLUS it started raining in the middle of the night and we had to get up to put the tarps up, THEN when I woke up in the morning I found my poor boyfriend huddled up in the corner of the tent, we brought as a change room, probably cursing my name. I let him sleep in my hammock for a few hours and he warmed up. We just borrowed some blankets from some of the people we were camping with(They were all in trailers). The second night everything went alright.

The last weekend My boyfriend and I had to go up to the big city to sign a lease for our new appartment and we viewed it as a chance to go hanging again. Well first off the first place we went to didn't allow tying anything to trees, so they sent us up the road to a little campsight WAY down a dirt road(We started to think we were in a horror movie or somthing at one point) The chick who runs the place was nice enough to give us a site that had lots of trees in it so we could hang.(All the other open sights were almost void of trees) Seeings as I am not really that great at setting everything up the best yet we got everything up and though we had done a good job, but aparently we were wrong, it started raining shortly after we had finished setting up and because the tarp wasn't quite as tight as it should have been it started leaking like a sivve! I'm sure anyone watching us would have been doubbled over in laughter. I was standing on one foot on the picnic bench trying to hold the tarp off of my hammock(Which was on top of our little bunk-hammock set up(Only one tarp)) while My boyfried tried to tie the tarp tighter and baisically by the time we finished it all, the rain was done.(And we had bent 2 of the 4 pegs I had for keeping the tarp in the ground and had to tie one tie-off to the spoiler on my car)

Everyone at the campsite thought our hammocks were just the coolest, I think it might have somthing to do with all the bright colors floating around.

Anyways, the moral of the story is, we had so much fun in the end, and we didn't got soaked enough to freeze overnight so who cares really.

Just wanted to post my fun adventure.