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    FS: golite ultra 20 *nwt*

    this was the one i picked up back on the golite sale, for $145.
    so, if you missed the sale but still want one of these from a trusted source, here ya go.
    i pro'lly wont ever use it. it was to be a gift to my son but he just joined the Air Force.
    $175 shipped to conUS.
    i had to fill an empty chamber (made in china, no surprise there) with some down and re-sew it but it was done professionally. i think the gain i will net from this quilt of ~$20 is fair, considering if one had to ship the quilt back to Golite it would cost that much in postage and wasted time.
    still it is $50 under retail.
    other than that, it seems like a beautiful item. i accept paypal. mike
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