Hey all,

I'm a newbie around here, but I've lurked occasionally. I finally took the plunge, and decided to join up. I thought it would only be proper to introduce myself.

I'm from the South West Florida area, born and raised. Male, 35, self employed lawn and landscape maintenance business...hence the user name, "molawns"...it's kind of a play on words combining the first two letters of my last name and "lawns" to describe what I do for a living. You'll understand my cheesy sense of humor before long, I'm sure!

I camp almost exclusively in my Clark North American Camo model jungle hammock. I took off the provided rainfly, and use a Campmor 10 X 10 Versatile tarp in its place. I find it gives me more freedom and space during rainstorms, than the XL fly/tarp from Clark did. I also made my own "snakeskins" for the hammock out of nylon to make packing easier.

Looking forward to learning from you folks here, and hope to sneak in the occasional post, too!

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