Hello all,

I've been lurking here for a month or so. My wife and I are avid campers but I've recently been having trouble sleeping in a tent on the ground/cot/air mattress, etc. She got me a Byer Mosquito hammock for Father's Day and last night I decided to sleep outside in the backyard and give it a try.

The asym design is pretty comfortable. I found myself relaxing almost immediately but unable to fall asleep. I finally found a fairly comfortable position and began to drift off. But again I woke up. I'm naturally a side sleeper so I tried getting into a side (almost fetal) position which sorta worked and was adequately comfortable.

Are there any hammocks out there that are particularly well suited for side sleepers?

Also, I went to bed in shorts and t-shirt. Daily temp here in central Ohio was 85 yesterday but the low dropped to mid/low 60's. By 2:30a my bottom side was quite cold and decided to go to bed and warm up. I ended up sleeping the rest of the night inside.

So, I need a solution to two things: possibly a better side-sleeping hammock (if one exists) and a way to stay warm. Bulk and weight are highly important so any solution will need to take that into consideration.

I've done some searching here and there are quite a few "expensive" options. I'd like to stay on the cheap side until I have confidence that the system as a whole will be compact, comfortable, and warm.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated