These are two different questions - the first question was how to tie the hammock to the tree with tree huggers (HH lashing / lineman's knot / figure-8 lashing). The second knot is how to tie the support to the hammock (larkshead and double sheet bend).

Re: the HH lashing, it's really easy once you figure it out a few times. But those first few times are a PITA. HH has a video on his page also. The advantage is that it's relatively quick and easy once you learn it, it can't cinch or bind b/c it's a lashing and not a knot, and it can't freeze if it gets snowed on or anything. Disadvantages - it takes longer than some simple hitches and it's tough to learn. But I'd at least figure out how to do it, then use it a few times before you decide against it. It's still the one I use when I take the HH.