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Colorado Lost Creek Wilderness Trip Report

Some Hammock related things from the trip were that my new Underquilts worked great. I used the JRB Rocky Mountian No Snivler and it did a great job of keeping me warm even at 11,200 where the air was cold and the wind was pretty stiff. I had some mild cold feet but nothing overly uncomfortable. I didn't have my thermometer with me apparently but the forcast was lows into the middle to lower 30's for that night. I was very pleased with how the quilt worked out but it did mean I had to leave more of my gear on the ground instead of in the pockets.

The second night I slept like a rock. I never could get the tension just right on everything since the Aspens I had to work with were small but there was much less wind down in that hollow around 9,000ft and the temps were a bit higher. I actually woke up with the Marmot Helium sleeping bag pushed down around my waist. It was too much for the low 40's with the underquilt. I'm looking forward to my Mt. Washington-3 coming in. It will likely be just perfect for my usual fall and spring trips here in MO.

I was glad that no serious storms brewed up while I was out. Mountain thunderstorms scare me more than most other threats out there. They can be fierce. I actually got great weather for those three days. Prior to that it had been raining every day in the afternoon often with hail, sleet, and snow. Pretty wild to get snowed on in June!

There is a link to the full photo gallery and the GPX file of the whole trip (right click-'Save As') above "Day 1" if you are interested. The photos are all rough processed. I have not had time to really properly develop and tag them but you'll get the idea.

I hope to return and accually summit Bison someday. It might be a lot easier to base-camp and summit light than it was to drag that full pack up the side.