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...I was swarmed with midges at Haweswater and the net did what it needed to do...KEEP THEM OUT. A "Trial By Fire" such as I have rarely encountered before.

Glad to hear it, although between the 2, I would prefer to be swarmed by English midges any day, the Scottish ones don't take prisoners, although unfortunately the English also suffer from Mosquitoes, which I wouldn't wish on anybody.

I haven't worked out just why yet, but having significantly different spreader bar lengths and correspondingly differently sized suspension triangles noticeably reduced tippiness over previous of my hammocks that were symmetric.

I have read up on TeeDees articles, but also some others, including yourself who have went in slightly different directions, I just need to make one DIY Bridge first to see where I want to go from there. You and I's stature and weight seemed very similar, certainly your Bridge fitted and felt very comfortable, so it seems logical to start from there, especially as you guys have put in so much effort and wonderful mathematical threads

Interesting point about the different sized suspension triangles, as I told you at Loch Ken, the tippyness was something I just couldn't handle with the Jacks Bridge, I got seasick in it seemed seconds, but that probably was me not setting it up properly, <shrug>.

I apologise in advance for the bombardment of PM's you are about to receive

PS I'm ignoring the comment about the Fosters, since you drank most of it