I have searched though some threads to answer this question but, haven't gotten exactly what I need to know. Maybe someone can help.

I have a single nest ENO, SSPro straps, and a MacCat Standard tarp on the way. I want to use snakeskins but, dunno what size I need. I want the tarp and hammock seperate. If I get a bugnet itl be the one from campmor.

I also am interested in the Stuff sac thingy for the hammock instead of skins ...maybe...I havent even set this thing up yet but will get to on a trip in a week.

The only skins I have found there wasn't a size and I wouldn't know what size to get anyway. I would attempt to make my own as I have DWR but, I don't have a sewing machine and NO sewing skills! I have NO CLUE how to use those things! My mom does but, she doesn't sew very straight Any advice would be appreciated. I am not above hand sewing something. Unless you think it will be a bit much.

BTW I liked the idea of the mesh skins for the tarp. I believe that was Hammock Engineer? Excuse me if I am wrong.