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yep, i started the bug net snake skin idea
and storing the tarp separate from the hammock is defiantly the way to go IMHO.
seems to me that the #4 snake skins are going to be way to big for the mac cat tarp. and for the single ENO hammock too... even w/ the bug net.
but if you were going to be using an under quilt & leaving it on the hammock when you slide the skins, the #4 may be about right. ...tim

I am trying to not think about winter yet until I get hooked and comfortable setting up. THEN I won't mind the extra weight! There are so many options as far as keeping warm. SO I KNOW I am going to a down bag...I wanna test out a ccf and down sleeping bag then see if I wanna try a UQ. Thanks for the advice though I will remember it for future reference! And most thanks for the mesh tarp skin contribution! The minute I read that I was like YES my tarp can dry out more easily! You hangrs are tho thmart!