I asked for a dbl nest for my birthday and built a DIY Speer style before it arrived. I have since built several more hammocks for myself and many others for family/friends. I tend to look for an excuse to not to take the ENO, no bug net, single layer, blah, blah, blah. I love mine. It's the one I put up in the yard for a lounge, the one I am taking with me to the BVIs while living on a boat for the week, even though I will have 2 beds in the cabin, I plan on rigging on the boat somehow and sleeping outside.

I think the big issue, in my short time here, is most folks are doing some sort of complete system. Either hammock/ bug net/and tarp or hammock/bug net and adding a tarp. When you start adding everything up at ENO price, you get in to the HH or WB Blackbird price range very quickly.

I think I remember Warbonnetguy, (we've never met so I won't call him Brandon) saying in a post prior to the success of the BB that the lay of the BB is similar to the ENO. Given the popularity of the BB, I think that says a lot for the ENO.