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    Question Help me figure out which insulation to use at what temperatures.

    I have a HH Explorer Deluxe, and recently bought a HH Supershelter to fit it from a board member here.

    I also have access to the following for Insulation

    Some Military Surplus CCF Pads
    An Alps Inflatable pad
    a couple of Coleman Sleeping Bags (One is rated one from 0-20, one from 30-50)
    Space Blanket
    Reflective Windshield Cover

    Based on the low temps at night, here's what I'm thinking of doing.

    Above 70s - HH By itself
    50-70 HH With Supershelter + Light blanket or sheet
    40-50 Add Space Blanket and/or Reflective Windshield Cover, Use lighter Sleeping Bag as cover
    40-30 Add a pad between between the Supershelter foam and the Undercover - Use Heavier Sleepign bag as cover
    Under 30 - Get into the heavy sleeping bag, possibly use a second mat inside the hammock.

    Does this all seem pretty reasonable, or am I doing some stuff in the wrong order.

    Thanks for your advice

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    I don't know enough about the super shelter to comment its temperature rating. I do recommend trying everything first at home so you have an idea of what works for you and how to deal with any condensation issues.
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    What Grannypat says, plus Id make sure to always have something on top of me, even at warmer temperatures. One "rule of thumb" is that you need insulation below you from around 70F and lower, but I always have a sleeping bag as an overquilt even when its warmer than that. Not that it ever is in Sweden during the night. :O

    Not sure how much insulating increase youll get from inserting a pad between the hammock and the Supershelter? In the end, try out your ideas in a controlled way, either close to home or by bringing more stuff with you so you can step up the insulation during the night. Nothing fun about getting cold and not be able to do much about it. We are all individual so your comfort levels are not the same as mine. Hang Your Own Hang.

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