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    Question Warbonnet BB First Time Questions

    (Skip to the questions if you want, first two paragraphs are just rambling)

    Just got my warbonnet BB in a few days ago. I decided to test it out last night. I have never used one before except those huge white ones some people have in their backyards. Anyway, took me about 30 min to initially get it setup because the instructions are somewhat lacking as i have never setup a hiking hammock. Once i discovered the method it took me around a minute in repeat attempts!

    This is an amazing piece of equipment, i will never go back to the ground, ever! I bought the warbonnet after scouring the forums to see what people were saying. It seemed like all the old vets were leaning towards WB's. I always wait and save-up and buy the best gear first so i do not end up with five different hammocks that would cost more than a WB anyway. Anyway in the process of testing it i got a few questions, here goes:

    1. Most people say it should be secure at forehead height or higher if possible. Assuming this is correct, What is the proper method of entry (to avoid injury and ensure a long life from the hammock) once it is setup at this height because it seems difficult to enter? I seem to have trouble getting in without the danger of falling or putting pressure in the wrong places. Do you guys stand straight then put one leg, then support with your hands-followed by the other leg, or do you use your hands to lift you like putting your hands on a chair when seated and lifting your body, or some other method? Be as visual as possible.

    2. I understand that the ridgeline should not be as tight as a guitar string. Is he saying it should not be this tight when you ARE in it or when you ARE NOT in it? Because when i get in it and apply the weight it gets pretty tight, but not before.

    3. This next question builds on #2. When used as a chair the ridgeline pushes against the back of my head, is there something i've done wrong in the setup process? OR do i need to sit differently?

    4. Should the Staked out lines be in close the hammock OR out as far a possible to get the best position?

    5. Should the foot end be strung higher than the head end of the hammock?

    6. How many of you use snakeskins instead of the easy setup double holed back branding gives you? If using something else, Why?

    7. If any of you do long distance hiking, what methods do you use to keep your hammock dry? Water proof stuff sacks, etc? On a related note, is it ok to compress the hammock in a stuff sack?

    8. Once inside the hammock, should I scoot as far toward the head side or foot side to find the best position? Or is there no right answer and only preference?

    I am now in the process of getting TARP, UQ, TQ, and a PAD. I am open to ALL suggestions. Anything i get will need to be the lightest possible and highest quality, because it is to be used on an AT thru Hike probably in spring or summer. Yes i will be hiking the AT sometime in the near future, I cannot do it in tents, my back will not allow it.


    Was an avid hiker, Spondyliothesis stopped that. Sleeping in tents aggravated the condition, however, hammocks have brought me back. I knew if i did'nt find a comfy hammock i would never do long dist hiking again. I am so satisfied with the WB. Thanks Brandon on amazing workmanship, thanks old vets for solid suggestions, thanks everybody for contributing!

    Sorry for the length!
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