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    Quote Originally Posted by shrek View Post
    Have you tried laying on the diagonal. I had problems with shoulder squeeze in my ENO, until I got the diagonal lay figured out.
    Yeah, The Hammock is VERY comfortable. it's wide so you can get a good flat diagonal lay so shoulder squeeze is no problem. The trouble I have is that the sides closes up above me so, it cuts off the fresh air, and makes the hammock tough to get out of.
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    Beast, I'm a big boy too. My first attempts to get in and out of my hammock, were to say the least, humorous. I had the side-swallowing syndrome you spoke of as well. First, for getting in and out, try different heights at which you hang, I found a big difference in just a few inches higher or lower, your preference may vary. Just play around with it till you find what you are comfortable with. And for the swallowed up feeling, I found laying on the diagonal was the best way. I basically put my right ear against the right edge/seam of the hammock, feet poking towards the left seam. I'm not sure why the hammock collapses in so much for heavier people, physics people can chime in here, but I don't notice it when my kids lay in the hammock. Lets call it the big mans curse.
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