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    Update On tnhillbilly

    Hey gang, some of you I have met at the Middle Tennessee Hanging but I haven't posted much. Anyway for those curious I went back to the surgeon on April 4th for a follow up after my by-pass surgery. He said he didn't want to see me any more, said I was doing great. He told me to go back to my cardiologist and schedule me some cardic rehab. He also released me to go back to work on April 22 with the restriction that I can't lift over 20 pounds till June 1st. That of course is to let the breast bone heal. I feel good and I just need to get my strength and stamina back. This is turning into a good camping season, we go camping and my wife sets up camp, loads and unloads everything, this is working out pretty good. Just kidding, she has been wonderful taking care of me. Much of the credit for my recovery goes to her. We went camping to Mousetail State Park in Tennessee last weekend. I had planned for 6 months to hike the overnight trail and use the hammock on this trip but my recovery wasn't far enough along. So we stayed in the camper, but I did take the hammock and did get a good nap in it one afternoon. Several in the group we camp with tried the hammock and checked it out and ask a lot of questions about them. Who knows we may have a future hammocker in the bunch. We will be camping this week since my wife is off from school for spring break. We will be at David Crockett State Park probably all week, maybe go home Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. I may even get to use the hammock some while there. tnhillbilly

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    Great to hear from you..hope you have a full recovery and get back on the trail real soon.. take it easy and remeber to enjoy the journey...

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    good to hear your recovering well. maybe we'll see you at another camp the hot springs, SEHHA. ...tim
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