I'd like to thank everyone for this fantastic thread. I was one of the few remaining holdouts using the zig zag cleats, even after getting dropped once when my first set wore out.

I made my first set of whoopie slings using a section scavanged from a wire coat hanger. I inserted the long rod into the core and used it like a pull-fid by taping the free cord to the end of the rod. It was cheap and it worked really well.

I tested the suspension by replacing the stock rope on my Hennessy hammock and setting it up on a backyard, portable metal hammock stand. The stand has quite a bit of flex in it and I typically pull the suspension fairly tight to compensate for the inevitable droop. This is not typically how I hang when using rigid trees.

After a few attempts at tightening, adjusting, and then loosening the suspension, I noticed that the junctions where the free end enters and leaves the bury were (for lack of a better term) unweaving themselves. You can see a photo here

The fibers don't appear compromised, just unwoven. Does this look as though it could be a potential failure?

Thanks for your opinion.