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    Hi! and a question...

    I guess I should start with an intro. Another lurker coming out from my cave I'm Steve and yes i'm addicted. My family would think i'm nuts but i've secretly infecting them all Many thanks for all those who have put in the time to post their experiences and share their knowledge. A Special thank you to Rev for the DIY video series which I found very helpful in getting off the ground Also to Shug and others that have made this such a fun forum to read. Ok, enough mush!

    I'm sucking a wallace mart in my area for it's particularly good crop of materials and came across a roll of fabric i'm unsure about. It's light gray in color, ripstop, definitely coated and seems to weigh 2.4 oz per yard. The coating is transparent and is on one side. I want to make sure i'm measuring it right. It is 60" wide and the piece I have is 225" long,,,comes to 13500sq/in or 10.4 yards. Divide the weight (25 oz) by that figure. Right?

    Would this likely be PU coated or sil? Comparatively heavy for tarp material?

    Again thanks and I'll be sure to post pics as I progress
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    Join the gray mystery fabric club. Most likely it is PU coated although I suppose it is possibly DWR. I have a tarp made out of it. Seems to be fine in light rains. Not sure how it would stand up in monsoon type weather.
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