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    Hammock Multinlingual

    Since this is the ultimate Hammock Forum...thought maybe we could include the meaning as well as what other people around the world call the Hammock.

    Hammock [ˈhӕmək] noun
    a long piece of netting, canvas etc hung up by the corners and used as a bed, eg in a ship

    ham·mock 1 (hām'ək) Pronunciation Key
    n. A hanging, easily swung length of canvas or heavy netting suspended between two trees or other supports and used as a seat or bed.

    Just thought it would be fun to post the word Hammock in other languages.

    Arabic: سَرير مُعَلَّق
    Chinese (Simplified): 吊床
    Chinese (Traditional): 吊床
    Czech: visuté lůžko
    Danish: køje; hængekøje
    Dutch: hangmat
    Estonian: võrkkiik

    Finnish: riippumatto
    French: hamac
    German: die Hängematte
    Greek: αιώρα
    Hungarian: függőágy
    Icelandic: hengirúm
    Indonesian: buaian, tempat tidur gantung
    Italian: amaca

    Japanese: ハンモック
    Korean: 해먹
    Latvian: guļamtīkls; šūpuļtīkls
    Lithuanian: hamakas
    Norwegian: hengekøye
    Polish: hamak
    Portuguese (Brazil): rede
    Portuguese (Portugal): rede de dormir

    Romanian: hamac
    Russian: гамак
    Slovak: hojdacia sieť
    Slovenian: viseča mreža
    Spanish: hamaca
    Swedish: hängmatta, hängkoj
    Turkish: hamak

    Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary (Beta Version), © 2000-2006 K
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