Discovered my ascender rings and Amsteel had arrived while I was gone.
Went to Grogg's knots.
Carrick bend to make the loops (This is the preferred way to make a loop right?)
Prussic knot to two rings.
Tree Hugger to pole, ascender rings/amsteel to triangle thingy.
Line from Warbonnet Warbird to ascender rings up and around then up and between the rings...finished each side with a loose half hitch!

Total weight of this setup with Warbird single 1.7 is
1 pound 9 ounce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who needs a Lite Racer (mine wore out) or a Hyperlite!!!!!!!

And the beauty of the setup is INSTANT adjustment; as easy as with the webbing carabiner setup; maybe 30-40 seconds longer.
The vids from Professor Griz led the way....a hundred thank yous

This was probably preaching to the choir-can you tell I'm thrilled