Fellow Hangers,

New to the site and hammock camping. I've gone a few times with dog and daughter in tow and it can still get quite cool in Colorado during the night. My daughter Cedar (2 yrs) and my Jack Russell Gus and I usually take a quick ride up the Poudre river and set the hammock up and sleep in it together. Sometimes it gets nippy at night. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for insulation when weight is not an option (aka car camping)?

Things I have on hand:
I have a zero degree bag and a 15 degree bag, a folding Thermarest closed cell foam and a Thermarest inflating pad and 2 or 3 of those space blankets. Plus I have plenty of indian blankets, fleece blankets and comforters.

What I am looking for is the leanest and meanest answer. I mean I realize I could put all that in there and probably be warm but what would be the least amount of gear I could use for the max heat? I thought maybe use the zero degree on the bottom and the 15 degree on top but didn't know if I would eventually feel cool due to the down flattening out.

Anyway, I have enjoyed reading all the posts and look forward to some creative answers.