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    Any No Sniveller negatives, like neck/shoulder drafts?

    Ok, it's clear that many folks are sold on the NS and/or Nest, so I am sure they are excellent products. Sooner or later, I will probably either go this route- either NS by itself or with Nest- or with the PeaPod. And I definitely see that the top quilt approach would have many comfort and convenience advantages over a regular sleeping bag. And the multi use options are very atractive.

    However, I see one potential problem. And I can't visualize how this is solved, but I figure you guys can set me straight! Whenever I use my sleeping bag as a quilt with foot sack, I obviously loose a lot of heat around the neck and shoulders. This is much worsened if I turn on my side. I have often worn thick jackets and such to overcome this. But if it is 30* or below, I always end up getting in the bag, cinching the draft collar around my neck and cinching the hood down to breating hole only style. If I was cold, I will usually QUICKLY warm right up, as I confirm the advantages of sealing of the below neck area and adding a couple of inches of loft around my entire head and neck. Sometimes it seems like this is worth 20*! Even if it is not the most confortable way to sleep, it beats being cold. And I have zero doubt that this is a valuable attribute for keeping warm when it is really cold.

    Also, I have come to realize recently that getting in the sleeping bag is no longer a struggle when I use my Speer. Using the top loader style, I have found a number of bag entry options with which I can be in the bag and zipped up with hood closed with minimal struggle and in a minute or two. So with the Speer, that sleping bag problem is no longer as huge as it was. And as TeeDee (I think it was TeeDee?) has pointed out to me, I can cut the netting of of my HH, sew on some velcro or a zipper to convert to a top loader. Which would then make sleeping bag use pretty easy with my HH also. If I ever get the nerve to start cutting on my hammock! BUT, I am still carrying the wt. of insulation under me that my wt. compresses to useless. Though at least it still makes sure I have no drafts on the side. IOWs, it's like you are nicely tucked in, without worying about loosing thie tuck in if you move!

    So, the main thing I want to know is: how does the NS deal with this neck draft situation? The Mt. Rogers trip clearly shows you guys have a workable solution. Does the NS (or Nest) seal well around the neck, even if you turn to your side? If it does, I have a separate Marmot hood that would take care of the head insulation as well as a mummy bag.

    The NS long + Nest runs about $500+ and 42oz.( I am not sure if that includes suspension in the wt?). What temp do you guys find that combo adequate for in the field, considering wind etc? 20*? 30*? What did you have to add on Mt.Rogers, when it was well below 20*, if anything? What is the consensus on this? ( I know temp ratings vary widely for the individual and conditions and YMMV, so I'm just looking for how it has worked for you guys when you have tried it)

    Thanks in advance
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