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I do love that instant adjustability with it (Rings/Garda) but in my non-scientific mind I can see ALL the weight/pressure/pascals focused on that tiny bit of cord that is compressed between the rings.
I've never minded the classic HH fig 8 knot and it works fine with the one triangle on the end of the tree hugger but it took only one time with the ring/garda to spoil me--speed and lightweight. If I ditch the ring/garda I've really lost very little extra weight.
So I'm waiting until the experts chime in---just hurry before I leave out Friday.

What if when tieing the Garda you go between the rings twice--spread out the weight factor a bit???
talk to us Griz somehow I'm reminded of that Dire Straits tune "Calling Elvis".

I've tried a couple of variations on what you suggest. Every one makes it harder to adjust.

but I gotta tell ya....the garda hitch looks cool, works OK, but I too am concerned about that tight pinch on the cord. Even on my 3.8mm Spyderline.... I'm pretty sure that the stress on the rope will be less if instead of doing the garda hitch you drop a ring, and tie a slipped buntline.

or a full turn with two half hitches, the last one slippery.

or take the extra ring and wrap it on the line as an anchor for a trucker's hitch, then back and forth and a couple of half hitches...

all of these are a lot faster and more flexible than the HH wrap. Just use the ring(s) as a tie-off assist.