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Thread: Maccat?

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    No air yet, I have only had the time to pull a corner out to look at it so far. From what I saw the stitching looked good and it had great seam sealing. I was surprised at how thin and light the material looked. I have my doubts about the strength and longevity of it but everyone says it works well. If I really pull on the tie out it wont rip, right?

    I was surprised at the material since I have a few yards of stuff that looks exactly like it from Wal-Mart. The only difference is that it doesn't seem to have the Silicone backing. So far it has made great stuff bags and snake skins.


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    My MacCat was whipping around in 100+mph winds for a few hours and came out fine. Doubt you'll have any problems with the durability as long as you take care of it.
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    I just thought I would write to put in a good word for Brain. I ordered a tarp in April and he was busy with finals and everything. I was in no rush and told him this in an email. In the middle of May a trip came up and I had not received the tarp so I sent him an email saying it would be great if I could get my tarp by my trip. I was scheduled to leave on a Friday for the trip. I didn't have the tarp when I headed to work Friday morning and expected I would have to bring my tent (I didn't order a fly with my hammock so the maccat was my only hope). Low and behold when I got home and grabbed my stuff to leave there was a nice little package at my front door!!!!

    Needless to say, it worked awesome and the workmanship was top notch. I know Brian is swamped with orders and it is because he does a GREAT job and makes a GREAT tarp. I highly recommend these to anybody and everybody.

    Also, anybody that ordered a tarp and is waiting, it is worth the wait. Just relax, it is not an off the shelf item. He needs time to make them this amazing.

    Wow, this email got a little long, but I just had to post since I am so impressed. If you read this Brian, keep up the good work and thanks for a great product.


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