Hello All,
I hope this is OK to post here, if not Mods just delete. I have been reading these forums for quite some time and used the info here to help me pick my hammock, tarp about 6 months ago, needless to say I'm loving hanging and will never sleep in a tent again. The good folks at www.thetravelhammock.com have donated a brand spankin' new Skeeter Beeter pro for me to raffle off to raise money for the Livestrong foundation...so if you want to help and get a chance to win a sweet hammock head on over to my page (http://philly09.livestrong.org/jpatrickcollins) and donate, for every $5 donated between now and Sunday at Midnight EST you will get entered to win this hammock.

In addition to getting a chance to win the hammock you'll get a great feeling for helping put a boot directly in cancer's butt.....
Thanks in advance,