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    That was really useful info Tina - thanks for the post. I'm still trying to work out how I will make my first UQ. You've given me some great ideas.
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    I guess the HH Supershelter Sil-nyl undercover might be sort of like what you are asking about? Here is a quote from Tom Hennessy:
    This may sound complicated but it's actually quite simple to sort out. As an example, for myself, using a 50* down bag, I find that by putting only the silnylon undercover on the hammock, my back starts to feel a chill around 55-60*
    No info there about possible condensation.I've never tried it much, so I don't have much info. I have had only the most minimal condensation when using a space blenket against my back with the HH pad and undercover below it. But the space blanket is kept warm by being against my back, which is probably why there has has been minimal condensation. The Sil-Nyl UC, with one side exposed to cold air, might be different.

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