Hey guys, I need to make an underquilt for my BB but I only need it for summer temps here in Cali. So my question is whether or not silnylon would work as an underquilts outer layer? I realize that the concensus is that sil is not breathable, but I would think that would be optimal considering I want to block wind.

Humidity in Northern California isn't much of a problem, especially at altitude during the night, and since the underquilt is under the hammock, wouldn't there be minimal condensation anyways?

I have an Idea to use the sil as an outer layer and sew it to a material that will not only provide warmth, but is extremely lightweight. I won't mention what it is because I am not yet sure if the material can be sewn; making my idea moot.

Has anybody tried this in similar conditions with either success or failure? I really could use your feedback on the best material to use as you all have vastly more knowledge than myself, and I want a better understanding of my materials before I invest in them.

Thank you in advance for any insight.