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    DIY Under/Top Quilt Design Questions

    I am about to start my first quilt project. I already have the materials on the way. I originally was going to go with a rectangular quilt. Now I am starting to think about tappering the foot end.

    I am planning on making 2 quilts. One with 2.5" and one with 3.5" of loft. Their weights should be about 20 and 27 respectively. I want to make both usable as a top and bottom quilt. I am planning on putting a head hole into the 2.5" quilt to wear as a poucho.

    I know the rectangular would be easier to make. But in the end I am more concerned with weight than ease of making. Plue hard projects are fun. I am thinking that I could shave a few oz with a tapered end. I am thinking that as an underquilt I will pull the drawstings compressing the quilt anyways (which will also compress the down some). A smaller footbox should be warmer since there will be less room from my body to heat.

    Question for those who have made one. Should I taper it, if so how much? I plan on setting up my nest tomorrow and taking some measurements to see how it feels. Switching from the sleeping bag to a quilt is already going to take 14oz out of my winter pack, getting my winter base well below 20lbs now. But a few more oz would be nice.
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