I want the new eno jungle hammock now!

but I can't wait .......

my niece's mom (my sister) got my niece some piece of crap hammock from a local army navy store for this summer's worth of camping. We set it up and it's just not going to do, just as I had predicted. There are a few hammocks out there that I'd like to have but now it's become time sensitive but we're in luck. A local outfitter's store carries eno, so we're off to do some shopping and fix up my niece with a guardian bug net, a double hammock, and i had already got a sportsman's guide 12x12 cheapie tarp which might work out ok. it did seem to work ok last night thu some rain while we camped on cots on the party barge.

My niece already likes my eno double so this will be her first hammock! but as we all know, you can't seem to have just one ........ will the eno jungle hammock be next? anyway, we're off shopping!