Hello all, First post on this lovely place that has me hooked on hangin'!!! Every chance I get I come back reading posts here and always find something new. I had my first hang about 3 weeks ago in my HH expedtion asym. I wanted to get started and the wife got it for fathers day for me. So after hangin' the HH once (not even sleeping in it, just set up during lunch) I new that rings were the way to go. So I hit up Wally world for some tow straps and dremeled off the hooks and now I have 14 foot 1000 lb. working load straps (overkill I know). I have tied my HH stock rope to the rings using a clove hitch and a half hitch as a security stopper. I have the rest of the HH stock rope tied in a loop. So now, do I cut the stock rope or leave it? Also, is the clove a good option to attach to the rings or the there better options?

And since I love pictures, I have to post the first hang. Thanks in advance for any help.