Man, am I pumped! Now I have my 1.7 dbl BB and my new JRB 11x10 tarp, which also arrived this week. I am at a family reunion in Cherrylog, GA this weekend, so I'll have to wait to set it up then. I' will try and get some pictures as soon as I can get it set up.

This is going to be one sweet rig, I can already tell. My 19E to Damascus AT section hike has fallen through, due to one of our group's Mother falling and breaking her hip, but I may sneak off into NC somewhere and grab a couple of days, maybe from around Wesser to Wallace Gap. That's a new section for me, I'd be interested in getting feedback as I hear the pull up from Wesser (or the walk down) is tough.

All I know is that I need a few nights in this new setup!