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    cocoon line from

    <> is offering a new line of synthetic insulated clothing & quilts that would be excellent for the UL hammock system.
    i have no affiliation w/ i just find a lot of quality info & gear there that is clearly useful to my fellow hammockers.

    a little info on the new quilts

    all the cocoon line stuff is insulated w/ delta polarguard.
    no way can i give all the specs, but as a reference for the 3 quilts they are offering now...

    cocoon UL 60 quilt... 11.0 ozs
    $189.99...non mem

    cocoon PRO 90 quilt...14ozs

    cocoon UL 180... 19.6 ozs

    if i had the cash, i'd be going for it.
    BTW... you would recoup more than the $25.00 membership fee w/ one of these purchases.
    but if i remember right, at least part (if not all) of the clothing line will not be shipped until june. but i believe the quilts may be available now???
    they are just getting this line up & running.
    very well thought out stuff.
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    That is not as bad as I thought, but still a bit more than I would like to pay for synthetic.

    EDIT: I haven't been able to find the bags on bpl, but the jackets are easy to find.

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