There is no place quite like the canyon.

I too got to see it again this past year. I got to experience it a little differently though.

Some friends of mine did the trip from the north rim to the south Kaibab rim and back. We didnt stop. We started at 6:49 pm and I crawled out back where we started 18hrs 31min later. 42 miles and almost 22,000 vertical feet later. Yes, I was tired. That was the hardest thing I have done so far.

We walked all night to beat the heat and there was a moonless sky. Hard to find words for the heavenly views that night. If I had it to do again I would spend a little more time IN the canyon though. That trip was about the challenge as much as the beauty. Now that I know I CAN do it....I dont really want to again. I would try something different (maybe a rim2rim2rim2rim) on some different trails maybe.

I have also been down to the Havasupi reservation and that was just as amazing if not more. Such beautiful places!

I loved your trip report SWW and PF. I hope to see you two again at a future hang. I am going to try to get to one of the ones in NOV.