I use this tarp too and I've set it up all kinds of different ways using just the tie outs that are originally on this tarp. If I've got the room, at least 17 1/2 feet, I'll set it out in the diamond shape(diagonal ridge-line). But most times the trees are closer together and there's trees in and about that's close to the hammock. I will try to set it between the trees in an off-set rectangle. If you look at the tarp, select a tie out on one side near the end (say the left side) Then on the opposite side, select the tie out that near the right side end. This way, if you've got trees that are in your way for staking down the tarp, you can use the shorter side to just tie to that tree. I've also set it up so that the tie-outs match with each other. This looks like a short wall on one side and a really long wall on the other. Great if you need something like a privacy screen. Or you can tie that long wall up high, use trees or treking poles and have a huge area to cook or hang out at. Short side can be staked close to the hammock and protect it from blowing rain. This thing weighs 2 pounds 2.2 oz and including about 30 feet of straps. I don't carry this backpacking, just for trips where I'm setting up for a least 2 nights in the same place.