Finished up my new purply brown shimering tarp. I has an iridescence to the fabric, like a trout, very cool. Took a piece of fabric 126" x 57", laid it flat and strung a line diagonally from corner to corner. Carefully cut the fabric, following the string as close as possible. Ended up with two long pointy triangles. Inverted one triangle so that both new cut edges were together, creating my new ridgeline length of 144" (finished length). Hemmed the new ridge and around the outside of my new "diamond-shaped tarp". Stitched on 4 webbing tie out points, with reinforcement fabric at the four corners.
Layed flat it resembles a large kite, when hung up I had a total width of 8' from side to side and ridgeline of 12'.
dead battery 084.JPG
Strung high for hammock coverage.
dead battery 086.JPG
End view
dead battery 082.JPG
Staked low for ground cover.
dead battery 081.JPG
Sides can be pulled in for doors, if needed.
I'll have to add two more webbing loops for this, used some clips to figure out where I wanted this, for now. Two feet in from short corners, if you wondering. It started to rain after I took the pictures and the tarp shed water excellently, beading up and running off in steams.